5 ways to improve bad breath

Ways to take away bad breath

Bad breath is not cool. If you’re suffering from it, maybe it’s time to make your social life a little less awkward!

1) Brush your teeth – Twice a day. Your mouth has crazy amounts of bacteria. Brushing your teeth twice a day eliminates bacteria that gives you bad breath.

2) Don’t forget your tongue – Yes, you need to brush and scrub that too. Your tongue contains a lot of bacteria – that is often neglected when brushing your teeth. There are tongue cleaners in the market that help clean your tongue for a better smelling mouth!

3) Drinks more water – Why does your breath stink in the morning? Probably because you didn’t drink enough water the night before. The lack of hydration leads to a dry mouth. A dry mouth means you are not producing enough saliva that prevents bacteria growth in your mouth.

4) Eat carbs – If you over eat on proteins, your body produces ketosis – a byproduct of your body burning fat instead of sugar. Ketosis produces bad breath. So eat that bread.

5) Visit your dentist – This is not a hard sell. The excessive build up of tartar in your mouth produces bad breath. Your dentist can help you remove the tartar that brushing and flossing cannot alone won’t suffice. It is advisable to visit your dentist twice a year.