5 foods that improve dental health

Healthy food for healthy teeth

We love food. Even as oral health care practitioners, we find it hard to resist awesome tasting dishes that may not be ideal for the health of your mouth. Good nutrition is also beneficial for your oral health. You should try to avoid food with food colouring, refined sugars, refined flours, artificial preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.

1) Water – The best natural thirst quencher helps wash away the particles and residue on your teeth.

2) Green Tea – Catechins in green tea helps kill off plague bacteria. Oh, kills those smelly bacteria that gives you bad breath.

3) Onions – Best eaten raw and fresh. Onions have antibacterial capabilities that kill off the plague causing bacteria in your mouth.

4) Cheese – The higher the pH level on your teeth’s surface, the less erosion it gets. Cheese helps that by neutralising plaque acid.

5) Wasabi – Rejoice sushi lovers, Japanese researchers have found that wasabi prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. Looks like the bacteria can’t stand the “spiciness” of wasabi.